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LAST August 26, 2010

News Update- At Last

Following years of the news letter being written in the third person. This one will be written in the first person by me - Jeff! One problem with the web site was that Windows Vista (loaded on my laptop) suddenly decided not to allow me to upload updates to the site. Next, the Acer Aspire Netbook I've got which operating on XP decided that instead of Acer Aspire it would be Acer EXPIRE - just two months after the warranty ran out! Typical, eh?

Lean Year

Once again we've had a very lean year. We decided to try a mail shot using Music- Link's free inclusion with the monthly news letter. We spent a lot of money in producing 300 copies of a full colour hand-out and got - no enquiries!

Fourum on Google

Years ago I suggested to Google that there should be a filter on searching that would separate words like 'Fourum' and 'Forum'. At last it's happened! Even though we've always figured at the top of the page it was always an irritation to be asked when typing 'Fourum', 'Did you mean Forum?'

USA 2009

Once again, we had a wonderful tour. You'll find some of our memories very soon on 2009 Tour Memories. Check our homepage for an update.

USA 2011

Following two tours of, uniquely, the same line up for each we've some major changes in 2011. Shortly after our return in 2009 both David and Roger warned that they would not tour in 2011 but did not want to leave the group. We'd been in a similar position on 2007 when David joined us initially to replace Ian for that tour so were not strangers to finding replacements - which we've done! Singing Baritone will be Graham Wells and Bass will be Alan Lees. Much more about each of them on our 2011 tour pages. Keith, Yvonne and I are working with them both on our repertoire for next year and all's well we're pleased to say. Welcome to Fourum, both of you.

We leave the UK a little later next year (Monday, May 16), arriving in Atlanta and visiting old friends in Dahlonega, GA. The late departure is owing to my recent appointment as Conductor of Market Rasen Choral Society and their major annual concert on May 14 (Rossini's 'Petite Messe Solonnelle'). We shall be in South Carolina from Friday, May 20 to Monday, May 23. From there it's up to Williamsburg, VA for our sixth visit to the Library Theatre on Wednesday, May 26. We're looking for a couple more gigs in that state before ending our tour once again in Maryland.

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Jeff, Keith, David and Roger, also Graham and Alan