Yvonne Ellis - Accompanist

  Yvonne Hamilton-Jeffrey  

Our 'first choice' (and only choice) accompanist since 2006 has been Yvonne who started out life with Fourum as Yvonne Hamilton-Jeffrey. However, in October, 2008 she changed her surname to Ellis. It's no coincidence it's the same name as our Tenor, Keith, for it was then that she and Keith married.

Yvonne first tucked a violin under her chin when she was four years old and first broadcast when she was eight. In her teens she was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and appeared as a soloist on television and at the London Palladium. Other instruments she has mastered are viola, 'cello, trombone, clarinet, piano, organ, recorders and Celtic Harp.

Until recently she was teaching music in a local primary school, adjudicating at competitive festivals and examining for the Trinity College of Music.

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